Friday, 28 April 2017

Yellow Wagtails

A few Yellow Wagtails (and Whinchats not pictured) at Medmerry the other day.

Ring Ouzel

Had to do a couple of journeys but thanks to Ah & IP did eventually catch up with the Ring Ouzel at Northcommon Farm:

Buntings, Spoonbills & Ruff

Reed Buntings & the wonder that are Corn Buntings (top bird IMHO!) and a Spoonbill at Medmerry and two of the three Ruff at North Wall:

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Grasshopper Warbler

I am indebted to Dave Potter & Martin Peacock for the shout as I spent an hour today in the company of a Grasshopper Warbler-well an hour hearing it on & off and about five minutes of seeing it in the corner of a bush, great bird though! The two P's have some amazing pics as usual though and I will post the links here asap. Site the usual West Sussex one which I am not at liberty to disclose (but everyone knows anyway it seems!).

Grasshopper Warbler, completely not bothered by me standing about 10 feet away as you can see!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Channel Wagtail

A call from OM this morning that there was a Blue-headed Wagtail at North Wall had me scurrying that way this morning-on arrival the bird was showing and I tweeted it out. Here's where it gets interesting! A deluge of tweets to say "it's a Channel Wagtail!" duly arrived, some (younger) people labouring the point somewhat I felt! Anyway, a chat commenced and those present decided that it was indeed a Channel Wagtail & what a lovely bird it was!

Channel Wagtail:

Friday, 14 April 2017

Pied Flycatcher, LRP & Spotted Redshank

Pied Flycatcher from Church Norton the other day, LRP at Medmerry & Spotted Redshank from White's Creek, Pagham.

Spotted Redshank:

Pied Flycatcher:

...& a Little Ringed Plover at Medmerry:

Friday, 7 April 2017

Blue Rock Thrush

No luck for the Large Tortoiseshells at North Stoke this week but solace was found in a Blue Rock Thrush found at Beachy Head. You might argue both species have escaped from cages (!) but I was really pleased to see the BRT after a rough week!

Blue Rock Thrush video