Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Terrible weather again this morning meant the family and I were restricted to just a couple of hours out at East Head. Red Breasted Mergansers and Grebes were the highlights with just the one Meadow Pipit, a few Lapwings and Golden Plover and of course the Brent Geese for company:

Monday, 30 December 2013


Pretty foul day weather-wise although it did brighten up a bit in the afternoon. A quick walk around the Hayling the Oyster Beds again and this time the Long Tailed Duck was present. Here are a couple of shots from a month ago:

Sunday, 29 December 2013


Successfully twitched the Brunnich's Guillemot on 28th of December at Portland. The bird showed well periodically but did spend a lot of time underwater and was not an easy snap with a bridge camera hence only a very distant record shot, probably the worst I've ever taken, but trust me if you zoom in it's there somewhere!. A very good natured twitch btw. Also managed the Black Guillemot from Portland Castle but this was too distant for a pic, nice bird though.

After the Guillemots went up to Radipole for the Glossy Ibis near the tennis court:

Also had a nice Marsh Harrier over here, then off to Radipole Lake for eveyone's favourite escape the ace drake Hooded Merganser:


Took Dad out and we went over to Hayling Oysterbeds, plenty of the more common waders and ducks as well as some Red Breasted Mergansers. We missed a Black Necked Grebe according to Birdguides, seen whilst we were there, oh well.. Then over to Church Norton which was quiet, North Walls were we found the Ruddy Shelducks on the mudflats amongst the swirling Godwits putting Starlings to shame.

On Pagham Lagoon, five Goldeneye and two Red Breasted Mergansers: